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PWG - Experience


PWG has experience producing events and videos for large Fortune 500 companies and small start up ventures. We have worked with Corporate Leadership Teams, as well as individuals, to develop presentations. We take time to coach each presenter on how to be effective and inspiring while delivering his or her message. We want you to enjoy your time on stage.

PWG - Capabilities


PWG brings together an impressive array of professional designers, artists, engineers, producers, writers, editors, directors and managers. We can provide full support from beginning to end of the creative process or provide support in specific areas where you have the greatest need. Either way, PWG will assist in transforming your business message into a memorable audience experience.

PWG - Inspiration


PWG’s inspiration begins with YOU! This is not a statement we take lightly. We strive to understand you and your company’s personality and desired results. This is the beginning of our creative process and the foundation when designing every event, video and presentation. We are committed to a successful partnership.

Erin Colladay

Erin Colladay

Sales Promotions Manager
GM Fleet and Commercial

…I applaud PWG for their creativity, attention to detail, wonderful service, quick response and education throughout the planning stages…

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Paul Pitas

Paul Pitas

Director Public Relations and Corporate Communications
Culver Franchising System, Inc.

PWG brings high energy, experience, creativity….. They’ve taken our events to a new and higher level…

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Randi Emerman

Randi Emerman

Palm Beach International Film Festival

The PWG team’s well-rounded base of expertise, creativity and passion for their clients is second to none…

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Events >>

A “Moment” happens when . . . a series of carefully planned, well-orchestrated triggers motivate an audience to come together and rally around a common goal.  Working with PWG, we will assist you to inspire your audience with memorable moments.

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Video >>

Video must capture your audience’s attention before it can educate or deliver your message.  A well-produced video can entertain, educate or elicit emotion.  PWG will assist you to make your next video captivating and entertaining in order to connect your message with your target audience.

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Presentation >>

Wouldn’t you like to step off the stage after your presentation and have members of the audience tell you they were inspired?  Entertained?  Everyone’s pulse quickens in front of an audience.  At PWG we will assist you to deliver an interesting, effective and memorable presentation.  Delivering a presentation should be fun and rewarding – let’s do it together.

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